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Earth Charter Group at the Monastery of Bredelar

In May 2012 eight people met in Bredelar – a small town in West Germany – to initiate a new Earth-Charter Group. Martin Schreyer, Earth-Charter Trainer, and Maria Gierse,   Friedens-Konvent (Peace Convent) of the Monastery Bredelar, asked for a first group meeting of the Earth-Charter Group Bredelar.
The group shall bring each person's commitment together as a shared effort. Matters of personal importance and projects are linked, and new ideas created. The spectrum of already existing and intended activities for a sustainable development is manifold. “We learn a lot from each other and looking forward to exchange ideas with other Earth-Charter Groups and committed people” describes Martin Schreyer.
The new Earth-Charter Group Bredelar invites all people who are interested in shaping a sustainable way of living and societal change in line with the Earth-Charter.

For more information please contact info@oeiew.de


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