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Earth Charter Group in Warburg

During the last two years an active Earth Charter Group was formed in Warburg, a small city in the Eastern part of North Rhine-Westphalia. The key initiator was Christian Holtgreve, councillor of the Green Party, who wrote more than 10 newsletters about the activities in Warburg and, in summer 2011, organised an Earth Charter project week at different regional schools. Together with Paulander Hausmann, chairperson of the Ecumenical One World Initiative (EOWI), and Otto Hindenburg, longstanding supporter of the EOWI, he convinced the council of the city of Warburg to sign the Earth Charter. At the beginning of 2012, an iron signboard with the silhouette of Warburg - the landmark mountain Desenberg - and the logo of the Earth Charter was fastened at the city boundary. The event was followed by an exhibition in the "Museum im Stern" in March 2012 that was organised by the the chairperson of the museum association. The Eisenholt School in Warburg has also committed to continue working on the Earth Charter: They incorporated the Earth Charter's logo into the school logo and have set up a natural habitat. 



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