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The International Earth Charter Initiative

The International Earth Charter Initiative is an extraordinary diverse network of people, organisations and institutions, who participate in a global dialogue and the practical implementation of the values and principles of the Earth Charter. 

You can find Earth Charter activities all over the world (check map on the left). On an Earth Charter related wikispace youth groups are invited to exchange their experiences and explore new ideas on how to facilitate change.

The Earth Charter International Council develops the principles and strategies for the Earth Charter International Secretariat. These guidelines are also used as a precept for the large network of the International Earth Charter Initiative. The small Secretariat is responsible for the management of the international homepage and offers various materials and resources.


The offices of various members of the Earth Charter International Council are supporting the Secretariat and form agencies in different regions of the world. The basic principle behind this decentralised strategie is the fact that the Earth Charter Initiative is a network and not an incorporated NGO. The Earth Charter's vision can only be introduced and spread on a worldwide basis, if the Earth Charter is not confused with a conventional organisation, whose activities are controlled by one central organ at the top. If we look at the strategic goals of the Earth Charter, we can clearly see that no NGO, no matter how big and powerful it might be, could possibly supervise all the Earth Charter activities which are happening worldwide. The costs and complexity of such a task would be far to great. It would be an impossible task and an unwise plan. 


The Earth Charter working groups act as a network of volunteers. The groups focus on installing a network by concentrating their activities on the following areas:

- Arts
- Business
- Education
- Religion and Spirituality
- UN and Global Governance
- Communication and Media 
- Youth
- Climate Change
- Communities

These areas have been chosen due to their significant possibilities to strategically use the Earth Charter for the creation and promotion of a sustainable way of living.

The groups consist of council members, commissioners, partner organisations, affiliates and advisors. The Earth Charter International Council regularly monitors the development and work of each working group, and support them. However, it does not take a leading role concerning the groups.


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