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Earth Charter at School

 The Earth Charter is an excellent basis for school projects, project days and weeks. As a positive vision for a sustainable development it contains values and principles concerning main global issues. The Earth Charter offers a shared allocation base for the whole school and at the same time inspires all individuals to come up with their very own ideas of implementing its values.

Teachers can work not only based on knowledge but also values and abilities. They can emphasize on various aspects, they can show coherence and they can connect their own agenda to the Earth Charter.

In preparation the Earth Charter Initiative offers guidance from presentations up to whole seminars. Various materials such as the School Handbook (2008), the Action Book (2012) and others can be ordered and offer direct approaches, concepts and interactive methods (for English materials please refer to the International Earth Charter Initiative).

Make use of the possibility of dialogue via the internet. Young people can connect online and exchange ideas and issues with peers from all over the world. We will be glad to show them ways to get in touch with young people and young adults from all parts of the world and to show them the perspectives of the South.

Many times we are glad to hear, that teachers do complete sessions on the Earth Charter. Please contact us and share your experiences. Thus, you can help to improve our Earth Charter work in schools and our guidance for your colleagues. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Contact us 


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