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Saturday, 08. March 2014

EC Spring Forum 2014: Political Action and Protest

22nd March 2014, 10-17 h» more

Saturday, 08. March 2014

Avaaz-Petition to conserve trees along the roadside

A political action by the Earth Charter Group in Rothenburg o.d.T.» more

Saturday, 04. May 2013

Earth Charta Theatre-Workshop

with Catriona Blanke and Torben Flörkemeier 4th-6th October 2013 in Warburg-Germete» more

Tuesday, 28. May 2013

Tipi-Camp in the Bernese Oberland

Living real, simple and natural from 28th July till 4th August 2013» more

Monday, 17. December 2012

Education and Values for Sustainable Development with the Earth Charter

A one-week intensive program on Education for Sustainable Development and Earth Charterin May 2013 in Costa Rica» more

Friday, 17. May 2013

Free Webinar: Global governance and environmental law

Wednesday May 22, 15:00 UTC/GMT» more

Monday, 06. May 2013

Impressions of the Creative Workshops

Pictures of the Art and Theatre Workshops at the Annual Meeting of the ÖIEW from 19.-21. April 2013

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