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What is Climate Justice for you?

Invitation for an international discussion
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The Background




Why is the Earth Charter so

Kartikeya V. Sarabhai and Purvi Vyas: Experiences from India


Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. hc Günter Altner: Preamble to the Second German Earth Charter Edition // PDF (in German)

Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer: Preamble to the first German Earth Charter Edition // PDF (in German)


Hermann Garritzmann: The Earth Charter: A Worldwide Initiative towards an Ethic for Sustainable Development // PDF (in German)

The UN Document

Prof. Dr. Klaus Bosselmann: On the Track to Global Justice // PDF (in German)

Prof. Dr. Klaus Bosselmann: Where to find the Earth Charter in the International Law? // PDF
 (in German)

Texts for the Future 

Prof. Dr. Andreas Lienkamp: From Albert Schweitzer to the Earth Charter // PDF (in German)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. hc Günter Altner: The Earth Charter and its future tasks // PDF (in German)

Prof. em. Steven C. Rockefeller, PhD: Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Earth Charter Initiative // PDF

Earth Charter International: It starts with one // PDF

The Earth Charter and the Declaration for Global Ethics 

Hermann Garritzmann: Impressions from a Conference in Berlin // PDF (in German)

Lutz Röcke: Two Different Concepts of a Global Ethic // PDF (in German)

Lutz Röcke: Two Different Ways to Reach the same Goal? // PDF (in German)

The Perspective of the South 

Interview with the Bolivian Ambassador Walter Prudencio Magne Veliz: „The Earth Charter is lively and has rights“ // PDF (in German)

Interview with the Liberationist Leonardo Boff from Brazil: „The new beginning needs a  new way of thinking“ // PDF (in German)

Interview with the Maori Pauline Tangiora from New Zealand: „I don't understand the Earth Charter in years but in actions“ // PDF (in German)


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