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Earth Charter: The Action Handbook

Titelbild des Erd-Charta Praxishandbuch


The key aspects of the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) refers to values of sustainable development and ethical principles that may lead our future way of living. A general precondition for change is the awareness of our attitudes and views, and the willingness for its adjustment. In the presented Action Handbook examples for workshop and project methods are given, as well as different ideas and approaches for promoting a participatory, cooperative, fair and sustainable (global) community summarised. The book is based on more than ten years practical experiences with Earth-Charter workshops and multitudinous group situations. It shows a broad range of ideas and inspiring methods on global learning – EDS for schools and elsewhere. Pedagogic questions are answered by presenting a variety of applied methods and interactive exercises in line with an inclusive Earth Charter approach. The methods can be applied for different kind of target and age groups. Based on clearly defined workshop elements, the methods, interactive exercises, games and actions are presented in a self-explanatory way. The attached CD-ROM includes additional material with examples from different projects and seminars, working papers and presentations showing the Earth Charter as a tool in different educational settings. The methodological elements focus on participatory approaches mobilising and strengthening the participants' crucial commitment as well as competences for creating a sustainable future. They shall encourage the reader, the participant and others involved to actively fight for social and economic justice, non-violence and peace, and ecological integrity. 


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