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Online Certificate on Education for Sustainable Development

Participate in the International Professional Development Programme of Earth Charter International

From 17 January until 20 June 2018Earth Charter International and the University for peace offer an online certificate programme providing participants with the understanding, knowledge, and skills to integrate Education for Sustainable Development and Education for Global Citizenship into classrooms, schools, and curricula with depth and creativity. Unlike most programmes in sustainability, in these courses the Earth Charter is used as a central feature of this approach. The Earth Charter provides a broad, inclusive and powerful values-based orientation that can be infused within the missions and purposes of most educational programmes. The methodologies introduced are ones that can be applied to all learning across the curriculum and across grade levels.

The five-month-long programme is aimed at teachers (primary and secondary educators), education professionals, and academics in different areas and levels of education. It consists of four courses plus five seminars. Each course consists of five sessions (one per week). The minimum hourly load per participant is 124 hours, which involves 4 hours per week to read and see all the materials per session, plus the time for the seminars, and the preparation and implementation of a final project (individually or in group).

Further information and registration are available at Earth Charter International.


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