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Theatre Workshop for Changing the World

16th and 17 November 2012: Networking and Theatre Workshop with Catriona Blanke, Earth Charter Ambassador, drama teacher and actress


Combining theatre and Earth Charter methods opens up new paths - for educational work, the next demo, street theater - to bring change into the world.
The ECHT-Zeit beginns on Friday 16th November at 7 pm. First we get to know each other and exchange some experiences. On Saturaday,  17th November from 9 am till 5 pm Catriona Blanke is using practical and interactive methods to teach us some theatre. Her work is inspired by The theatre of the Oppressed und theTheatre for Living as well as Impro-Theatre.

Requirements: pleasure to play, curiosity, fun in changing and shaping; the course is suitable for participants without any prior experience in acting as well as for advanced theater friends, and for all those who want to get to know theatre in the context of global change / sustainable society.

Catriona Blanke is Earth Charter Ambassador, drama teacher and actress, and singer-songwriter, www.catbalou.net

Überlebensgroßer Schauspieler mit weißem Schutzanzug und Gasmaske in einem Saal

Wie oft denken wir, die Themen,
die wir in der Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung
oder dem Globalen Lernen
’rüber bringen wollen,
müssten wir eigentlich ganz anders vermitteln...

Venue: Erd-Charta Koordination/ Ökumenische Initiative Eine Welt e.V. Mittelstr. 4,
        34474 Diemelstadt-Wethen / Warburg bei Kassel
Registration: Kerstin Veigt: kerstin.veigt@oeiew.de Tel. 05694-1417
Costs: 10€, supported by the BMZ.


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