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Congress: Free action instead of free trade

OpenSpace and Annual Congress of the Ökumenische Inititaive Eine Welt 4th - 6th April 2014 in Warburg-Germete

Almost 80 participants gathered on Friday evening at the Brunnensaal of the Zukunftswerkstatt Ökumene in Germete, to learn more about the free trade agreement between the U.S. and the EU. The agreemen (short TTIP) is currently negotiated behind closed doors and under strong influence of lobbyists. Dr. Rahel Falk, an economist from Vienna, informed the audience about background and the current (publicly known) state of negotiations.

Vortrag von Dr. Rahel Falk

The second focus of the evening Michael Ende's story MOMO as a parable for the roots of the current financial and economic crisis. After presenting their documentary, the filmmakers start an exciting dialogue experiment.

On Saturday the participants worked on the question of how a sustainable ecomomic and financial system might look like, using the OpenSpace method. They discussed in goups such as:

  • Solidary economy
  • Dialogue on negative experiences with money
  • Collective wisdom
  • Free time and full-time job - How can you find a balance?
  • Womens' Council
  • Energiewende - is 100% renewable too expensive?

After an ecumenical encouragement the evening was open for singing, dancing and enjoying.









Concert by
Cat Balou


On sunday the members of the ÖIEW met for their annual membership meeting, while the guests had time for more reflection on the outcomes of the OpenSpace working groups.


We'd like to invite you to a methodological and content-wise adventure, starting with two impulses:

  • a critical evaluation of the planed free trade agreement between the US and the EU by Dr. Rahel Falk (Economist, Vienna).

  • 40 years MOMO - a fairy tale has grown up. A movie and dialogue experiment that encourages to change the perspective on economics.

followed by a OpenSpace.

Open Space zu Weltgemeinschaft, Gemeinschaft, Suffizienz, Egalität als Grundbedürfnis, Innerer Wandel, Postwachstumsökonomie, Netwerke, Geld, Empathischer Dialog

We want to spend the Saturday discussing discussing various themes based on your interest and knowledge. Activists from different political and social movements are participating and sharing their ideas and initiatives.

Inspired and tired of discussions, the day will end with a celebration - including dance, singing and laughing.

Zukunftswerkstatt Ökumene, Quellenstr. 8, 34414 Warburg-Germete
Friday, 4th April 2014, 17.00 h - Sunday, 6th April 2014, ca. 14.00 h
65,- to 95,- € depending on your estimate incl. accommodation and vegetarian food
info@oeiew.de, Tel. 05694/1417 bis spätestens 25.März 2014


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