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Celebrating life in comunity and the Earth Charter

6th - 8th Märch 2014 Guggenhausen / Oberschwaben

Let ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life,
for the firm resolve to achieve sustainability,
for the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace,
and the joyful celebration of life.



This Earth Charter seminar offers you the opportunity to learn more about living in a community and the Earth Charter. Members of various communities in Germany are sharing their experiences with people in search of a more sustainable lifestyle.

The weekend is open for your ideas, questions and inspirations! Topics could be:

  • Dynamics of establishing and living in comunity
  • Solidary economics (within and outside of communities)
  • Collective wisdom and diversity
  • Global Networking
  • Time, Money and Work
  • The Earth Chater as inspiration for sustainable community life

In addition to space to discuss these topics, we will cook, celebrate and relax together.

The seminar takes place in a 20-year-old community on a farm in the south of Germany, close to Lake Konstanz.

Place: Hofgemeinschaft Guggenhausen, in der Nähe von Ravensbrück / Oberschwaben
Hauptstr. 15, 88379 Guggenhausen

Accomodation in simple rooms or tents.

More information:
Kerstin Veigt (Erd-Charta Koordination): kerstin.veigt@oeiew.de, Tel.: 05694/1417
Barbara Ruthardt-Horneber (Guggenhausen): baruho@web.de


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