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The Earth Charter for Kids

How it All Began

Feedback from different schools has shown that children and youths prefer their own vision of the Earth Charter. So, a Earth Charter Youth Network was developed in cooperation with children and youths. The translation and amendment of the English Earth Charter for Children is based on a version from October 2007 translated by Christa Regli-Schmidmeister, Earth Charter Switzerland, and Dr. Rainer Tempel.



The Earth Charter for Children between 8 and 12 Years

We live in an important time of the Earth's history. Every day we all move a bit further and together. All people on this Earth have to align to define a new future: to protect our environment and climate, respect the human rights and by this, creating a world where all of us are able to live in peace and justice. We have the responsibility to save life, now and in future.


The Earth is our home: The Earth is only a small piece of our great universe. The Earth itself is full with life, numerous plants, animals and human-beings. For our survival we depend on our Earth, its water, the air, plants and animals. So, we  need to carefully handle life on Earth.

The world’s situation: The way we live nowadays has a negative impact on the Earth. With the production and consumption of different goods we rob the Earth’s resources like water, air, forests, and soils. We threaten the habitat and diversity of numerous plants and animals. All over the world, we observe injustice, war and people who are forced to starve or suffer from sickness due to inadequate or insufficient food or lack of financial means to consult a doctor.

What can we do? Everybody can change something: With different actions, no matter how big or small, we can initiate a better future. The Earth Charter shows manyfold examples for such action.

All of us are responsibility: To change something in our world, we need to take responsibility for our action. Every decision and action has an impact or In other words: On our Earth everything is linked with one another. We need to think carefully how to handle our rivers, forests and climate, and how to protect plants and animals. We need to consider our interaction with others. When starting to think of all this, we already do an important step ahead - for a better future for every human-being and living creature on earth.


The Way Ahead Us

The present situation of our Earth needs a positive and courageous way of living, with empathy and respect for every living creature. It is necessary that we all feel this interdependence and start caring for each other. We need good ideas of different people and different cultures.


As long as we live, we can learn from one another. We only need to feel and prove with our hearts what is good for us. The Earth Charter is a roadmap which may show us the correct way. There are various ways of living without threatening life. It is important to discuss future steps. In a group it is much easier to initiate change. The decision we make need to last for a long time -   for the children of our children and many others. Everybody is able to take action and everybody has an important role to play: families, schools, communities, religions, the media, as well as governments.

Everybody shall try living in line with the Earth Charter's principles. By doing small steps everyday, we are able to contribute to the realisation of the Earth Charter’s idea. People shall remember a time when people started looking at each and respecting different ways of living or living creatures: a time when the people begin fighting for peace, a time when people love taking action and a time when life is celebrated again. 

Read the Earth Charter for children above 8 years and/ or below 8 years! 


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