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Earth Charter and North-South Dialogue

Earth Charter activist from Greenland
Earth Charter activist from Nigeria
Earth Charter activist from Germany

What do young people from India, Peru or Ghana think about the topics we discuss with our friends or with others from our Earth Charter group? What perspectives and activities do they deduce from the Earth Charter's principles?

The German Earth Charter coordinators offer school classes, groups and individuals the possibility of getting in touch with other young people from the International Earth Charter network and to discuss Earth Charter topics and recent developments.

You are interested in a respectful and interesting online dialogue? You and your group want to discuss sustainability with people from other parts of the world or even create an Earth Charter partnership?
You are a teacher and you want to include the perspectives from the South in your educational work?

Please contact

Kerstin Veigt
(Coordinator of Earth Charter Youth work and network)
Phone: 0049- 5694-1417



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