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Earth Charter Ambassadors

The ambassadors of the Earth Charter work intensively on the objectives, principles and the history of the Earth Charter Initiative. They offer seminars and workshops, act as lecturers or dialogue partners and are multipliers who contribute to the spreading of the Earth.

Meet the Earth Charter Ambassadors

How to become an Earth Charter Ambassador?

It's simple! 

For all, who are interested in political change and education and want to learn more about the Earth Charter, the German Earth Charter Coordination Office / Ecumenical Initiative One World offers an ambassador training. The training facilitates the participants to use and spread the Earth Charter, take action and form an Earth Charter group, organise workshops or events, prepare presentations… depending on the interest of the participants!  During the workshop a mixture of applied methods and learning tools as well as theoretical inputs are used, and present topics for different target groups are developed. 

Our schedule for 2012 is as follows
Dates:     2nd to 4th March and 22nd to 24th June 2012

Venue:     Warburg-Gemete, near Kassel, Germany

For more information contact Kerstin Veigt (Coordinator of Earth Charter Youth Network Germany)


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