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Get involved!

You are very welcome to share your activities and ideas and link with our Earth Charter Youth Network.

There are many ways in which you can be active, as an individual, as a group or a class. Feel free to use anything that the German Earth Charter Initiative can offer you! Share your own ideas and we will support you!


Link with other people who are interested in the Earth Charter!
Those interested and those involved in Earth Charter activities meet at regular intervals at our so called „ECHT-ZEIT“ (= real time) 
meetings. We talk about our activities, refresh our knowledge about a sustainable lifestyle and enjoy being with like-minded people, no matter which age. We also meet at Earth Charter workshops and seminars, and at the annual meeting of the Ecumenical One World Initiative.



Link with Peers in the South!
Visit Earth Charter's North-South-Dialogue

Make use of the Activities and Materials like e-glo, online-conferences and wikispaces

Introduce the Earth Charter at your School!
You can invite us to give a workshop at your school. You can get in touch with Earth Charter activists from the southern countries. You can do a project or an Earth Charter theme day. You can sell fair trade and ecological products at lunch breaks...


Get your community involved!
You want to do something about the Earth Charter right where you are? No problem. Order our materials for an information desk or invite us over. We will present the Earth Charter to your youth group, your fair trade store or any other setting.

Start a group! Together you can do so much more!
Earth Charter Youth Groups have been started in Marburg, Leipzig and Eckernförde. No matter if it's a party, an information desk at the mall, a workshop or a book bazaar – there a multiple ways of promoting sustainable lifestyle and make others aware of the Earth Charter. We will support you!


Visit an Earth Charter Workshop or Seminar!

Earth Charter Seminars

Become an Intern!
Our Earth Charter Coordination Office always needs a helping hand with education, networking and public relations. Our office is located in a beautiful old farm house near Warburg (Westf.) in Northern Hessia. We will see to board and accommodate you. For more information please contact Kerstin Veigt.

Become an Earth Charter Ambassador!
If you want to know more about the Earth Charter and to be part of the movement, join us at the next Earth Charter Ambassadors' training (trainings in German only). The two weekends of the training welcome all those who want to work towards sustainability both in their own lives and on a global scale. The Earth Charter as a positive vision offers a great approach to educational work. We discover this approach by using a multitude of interactive methods.

You are not yet sure what to do? You have an idea and want to talk about it? If you have any questions, doubts, wishes or ideas, feel free to contact Kerstin Veigt (Coordinator of Earth Charter Youth Network Germany).



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