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Leadership in a changing world

International course with Frijof Capra in March 2015 in Costa Rica

Are you feeling trapped within a system that demands short-term thinking? Are you ready to transform the way you see the world and the way you lead in your organization?


This programme has been developed for executives, managers and senior staff members (researchers, policy makers and academics) of public and private institutions: people who are interested in deepening understanding on the interrelated ethical challenges humanity faces and on how to address them within a systemic approach.

This executive programme builds on Fritjof Capra´s co-authored newly launched book “The Systems View of Life,” and on the sustainability vision articulated in the Earth Charter. It aims at helping those in leadership positions to deepen their understanding of the systemic view of life and of sustainability principles applied to decision-making in the process of resolving ethical dilemmas.

The programme will also offer participants the opportunity to reflect on, understand and internalize the values and principles of sustainability that are articulated in the Earth Charter and associate them with their leadership roles and their areas of work. It will equip leaders with the knowledge necessary to move from a fragmented and short term result-oriented approach to a more sustainable and systemic approach.

Dates: 23 to 27 March 2015

Tuition: US$1,900* (This tuition fee includes course materials, a field trip, refreshments, lunches and the local transportation). 10% discount for full payment two months in advance of the course and 30% discount for registration and payment for a group of three or more participants.

Location: Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development, Costa Rica. The center is located at the UN mandated University for Peace and it is within one of the biggest natural reserves of the Costa Rican Central Valley, 30 km outside of the capital, San José.

For more detailed information and registration visit Earth Charter International.



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