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What sustains us? On the way to world-linking ethics

New Years Workshop on Burg Bodenstein / Worbis from 28.12.2012 until 01.01.2013


At the New Years Workshop 2012/13 information, mediation and fun were mixed as constructive as global and personal issues around the question „What sustains us? On the way to world-linking ethics”.

After a presentation of the Earth Charter by Michael Slaby and the project Weltethos by Dr. Martin Bauschke, we started reflecting and discussion on how we can work together to sustain the planet we live on and shape sustainable futures.

While meditating, dancing, drawing, listening to voices of other cultures and in dialogue we started reflecting on our own experiences and goals.

With the example of honey bees and common welfare economy the concept of sustainable ethics got more practical in the morning of New Year’s Eve.

All of these experiences enriched the presentations of New Year’s Eve. Paulander Hausmann and his grand-daughter Flora developed and showed, for instance, a sketch called “Tasted the Waste”. It demonstrated the handling with an imaginary spaghetti sponsored by the Minister for Agriculture.


And the Three Wise Men from the East were looking for the star of the Earth Charter and Weltethos.



Burg Bodenstein

Spend the last days of the year at the picturesque Burg Bodenstein - friendly people, exciting themes, leisure time in a beautiful setting, often snow, a great New Year's Eve celebration and happy children in care - we invite singles, families, couples to our meeting at the very end of the year!

The Topic
Weltethos and Earth Charter in dialogue: For peaceful coexistence humanity now depends on a common set of values. This is the basis of  the "Declaration Toward a Global Ethics", inspired by Hans Küng, as well as the almost simultaneously formulated Earth Charter: Both see themselves as a global ethic for a sustainable world. The end of the year provides an opportunity to exchange ideas about these two concepts, to get together to talk, to let inspire yourself: what does this mean for my life? What questions are important to me? And how comes the sense behind into my everyday life? We are pleasedto welcome Dr. Bauschke (Global Ethic Foundation in Berlin) and Michael Slaby (longtime Coordinator of the International Earth Charter Program on Religion and Sustainability) as speakers.

Walks, creative program and festival
The beeing together does not merely focus on the thematic exchange. Just as important: the incomparable atmosphere of the castle, the singing and playing music, walks in the snow-covered landscape, worship and spirituality and finally the talking in a circle of like-minded people. A highlight is the New Year's Eve in the Castle Hall. Enjoyment for body and soul - delicious buffet, celebrating together or the silence of the chapel, and dance into the New Year.

The organization team welcomes you: Ulrike Berghahn, Paulander Hausmann

The costs for an adult: 195 € (incl. full board), for kids - depending on the age - much less.
Registration: ÖIEW, Ursula Steuber Tel. 05694-1417, info@oeiew.de


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